Rabando online store certification and approval enable you to demonstrate compliance of your store with the widest range of schemes, giving you the competitive edge and enabling consumers to differentiate between the stores available.

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What is Rabando Certified?
A program called Rabando-Certified encourages online Storest offer top-notch operational services and aggressively growtheir online retail business. By advancing to the upper tiers of this program, Rabando will provide marketing assistance. The benefits of using Rabando-Certified include:

Benefits of Rabando Certification
Gaining the Seller's Trust
By proving that your services are of high quality, you will win the seller's trust. Moreover, certified by Rabando. You may become more visible and get more clients as a result.
Adding Clients
According to the needs and scope of the seller, an online store with satisfactory performance will be suggested.
Expanding Business
Your online store will function better, and you may assess how your services have helped your company. Your future strategy for business development can be based on this.

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